Thursday, January 23, 2014

Birthday Party Invitations

It's that time again!  This year Mabel and Stella want to have a "stuffy party" where all their friends bring their favorite stuffed animal to their birthday party.  I have no idea what we are going to do with these "stuffies" when they arrive.  I've got two weeks to work that out.  Any suggestions?  I've considered doing a little sock puppet making activity with the kids, but can't figure out how to work the stuffies into that.  Stuffies are not super helpful when it comes time to glue stuff on a sock.  Maybe the kids can do a puppet show with the stuffy and the sock.  Hmmm...  

Here are their birthday invitations.

Coloring these reminded me of staying up till 1am on a Saturday night helping mom color her primary materials.  It's actually almost 1am right now.  Sheesh.


  1. That's funny, staying up till 1 am with Mom, yep, I've done that. :) I love your invitation! so cute! Stuffy ideas, puppet show is a great idea! or some kind of dress up with the stuffies. I read a cowboy book for kids and they brought their favorite stuffed animals and had had a roping contest, roping their animals. Well, maybe you could have a jewelry wearing race to decorate them or dress them up???? Or play a hide and seek game. Good luck, You'll think of something great!

  2. I especially like the upper right hand corner with the scribbles and pencil shavings! --My kitchen table on Saturday nights! Thanks for all your help--sweet memories! Such a cute invitation--Your party will be wonderful!