Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby Hsia Sweater

I started knitting this while nursing my twin baby girls five years ago. With my babies propped up on a boppy pillow on my lap, I realized that I could easily knit while they nursed. It was quite a sight.  I was a pretty slow knitter at that point in my life. I only got halfway done with this sweater before they started getting old enough to start pulling at the yarn. So it went into the unfinished project bin for many years. I dug it out and decided to finish the sweater for my good friend who is due with baby number two any day now.
The pattern is Bamboo Baby by Tamara Del Sonno from One Skein Wonders.  I used a soft and squishy cotton blend yarn called Idena Sorbetto with size 7 needles.