Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sun-Dried Tomatoes--One Ingredient!

You can store in olive oil, or like I did, just store dry in the jar.

Slice tomatoes 1/4 inch thick, or so.

Place on food dryer sheets that have been sprayed with olive oil or PAM.

Dehydrate at 135 degrees for about 12 hours or so, as you like it.

Don't they look pretty next to my mint? They are great on sandwiches, pitas, ground up in hummus--basically, anywhere you would use fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes give a more pungent flavor. 


  1. That looks like a nice food dryer. I'm gonna look into that. Definatly gonna try this. (sorry bout my lazy phonics)

  2. I tried this and they turned out great. I used them as a topping on pizza and it was delicious!

  3. Thanks for sending me home with some mom!