Friday, May 11, 2012

Graduation Party I helped out with...

Table Center Peices
Dessert Table
These are the pictures of my mother in laws graduation party that I helped out with.... First lets start out with the dessert table, I made the cake, the lemon bars (ha ha the lemon bars have a sprig of mint on them for garnish that should take care of my herb week right?), anyway I also did the fruit/dip tray, the brownies, all the floral arrangements and all the signs. I wish I had a betterpicture of the table center pieces...they were really beautiful, the flowers were red and yellow garden roses with daises, the paper lanterns were glowing on a round mirror with 4 votive candles with rose petals in them surrounding each lantern. (the only picture I have really sucks!) 

Graduation a sweet sensation.
Graduate Silhouette
Congratulations sign
The signs were so easy and cheap to make, I went to the dollar store and got 2 rolls of shelf liner/tack paper, then I took some frames I had around the house and removed the pictures and glass and I covered the back boards with the tack paper.  The rest was on the computer, for the pictures of the frames I just googled boarders, I found a
few that I liked then I tweaked them quite a bit on Microsoft.  For the silhouette of the graduate girl I took several silhouette images and cropped them and put them all was actually really fun. All I had to do after that was click print, then cut out each frame, then tape them on the tack paper.  I almost forgot I also did 3 batches of my garlic twisted bread sticks to go with the AMAZING Italian dinner my sister in laws made (sorry I have no pics-it was really really good though). For all the work that went into it I think it turned out great!


  1. Wow, Heidi, what a show! Everything looks so wonderful--and yes, I think the sprigs of mint on your lemon bars do fit the criteria for herb week!

  2. Heidi did an awesome job as always!! I marvel at her talent!! You have taught her well!!

  3. Heidi, You astound me! Holy smokes girl! That is a beautiful spread of food and beautiful frame work! You are so talented! I bet she felt loved that day!