Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hamburgers with Onions and Mushrooms

2 pounds lean hamburger (makes 8 patties)
Worcestershire sauce
minced onions
garlic salt
butter (real butter) for frying, unless your going to grill.

I don't measure, I just put in what looks right.
I got a new tool from Pampered Chef that I love to use.  I don't know what it's called but it's that black masher thing.  It works great for mixing up hamburger, avocado, boiled eggs (for egg salad) pretty much anything you want mashed.

I topped off my burger with a slice of american white cheese and some sauteed onions and mushrooms.  This burger was soooooo good.


  1. Dr. Oz says you should eat Berries, Onions and Mushrooms (BOM) every day to stay slim--looks like a good start! Now for some ice cream with Berry topping!

  2. Wow! That could be a gourmet restaurant burger, it's picture perfect!