Sunday, June 17, 2012


Father's Day
The kids had never done a candy bar card for their dad before, so this was the year!  They had a lot of fun. John was very pleased!!!  He said he'll have something to look forward to when he goes to work. ( a drawer full of candy bars!)

We did a little shopping for our s'mores.  The kids picked out giant marshmallows and John and I picked the coconut covered ones.  John and Sarah chose a chocolate bar and graham cracker, Daniel and I chose peanut butter cup and graham cracker and Andrew chose iced oatmeal cookies and cookies and cream white chocolate candy bar.  We all liked being able to pick whatever we wanted.

I was surprised at how well these gigantic marshmallows roasted up.
check out the size of that thing!
Lovin' it!
I have to say I really loved the peanut butter cup and toasted coconut marshmallow s'more.  If I wasn't so full from dinner I would have tried more combinations.  Maybe I'll "borrow" one or two of John's stash and make s'more tomorrow! (ha ha, did you get my joke?!)


  1. Oh, what fun! Those giant marshmallows--wow! They sure roast up into a big gooey expanse! And what a wonderful idea to shake up a traditional recipe with such creativity! Job well done!

  2. My kids would LOOOOOOVE those huge marshmallows! Looks so yummy and fun!

  3. The wording you did on John's card is really clever and cute! good Job! I bet the kids would like to visit him at work now!