Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mom, We Want Steak

I don't know what this recipe is called, my kids usually just say they want steak and I know this is what they are talking about.

Ingredients: two 16oz. steaks (approx.)
garlic salt & pepper
one can cream of mushroom soup
one big onion

Heat the oil in pan on medium, I put just enough oil in the pan to brown both sides, then put in your steak and season with garlic salt & pepper.

Then let your meat get nice and browned, just like this.

Next, spoon on cream of mushroom soup and sliced onion (I like it sliced in rings)you can also add mushrooms, which I love. You don't have to wait for the bottom to get browned, you just put it right on and then put a lid on your pan.

You just let it simmer down till it gets all nice and saucy. This whole process usually takes about 45 min. to an hour.

I usually serve this with mashed sweet potatoes, and green beans.

I hope that at least one of you will try this recipe, it is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite yummiest recipes.


  1. Wonder if I could substitute cauliflower for beef--ha, maybe I'll try it--really looks good!

  2. I can remember what these flavors taste like and I am certain I would have loved it. I used to love Jen's pot roast that she would make with cream of mushroom. I bet your family loved dinner! Sounds like a warm comfort food, mmmmm. :)

  3. Holy Cow...I really want a bite of that! It reminds me of Grandma Murchison's Mushroom Steak. Yummy!