Sunday, January 15, 2012


Every year we buy 1/4 beef from a small town in Nebraska. There's nothing like a small town cow, they just taste so much better than the local grocery store beef. Anyway, you get your regular cuts like the arm roast, rump roast, t-bone, etc. and you always get some of the less tender cuts like this sirloin in the picture. But we've found a good old family recipe that puts those less tender cuts to good use. Besides, Andrew has been asking for steak all week!

I know there are a couple of you that will have to get creative with this one (sorry 'bout that, but I'm actually really looking forward to seeing what you'll whip up!) Anyway, have fun with it.


  1. You're darn right I'll have to get creative :) Sounds fun!

  2. i kind of felt that way about onions. But I've got steak in the freezer! Woohoo!