Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops
You've heard of those yummy tasting cake balls covered in chocolate well here is a fun ice cream take on them.

Another take on cake in an ice cream cone is using a flat bottom cone and putting the cake batter right in the cone and baking them that way. Yes, it really works Grammy used to do it! When they're done you just frost the top.

1-Make your cake balls. This can be done several ways. You can either get a specialty pan made just for cake balls which is what I did. Or you can do the classic method where you mix cake crumbs with frosting and shape them into balls. Then and do pardon my pun but, freeze your balls.

(Tips for Cake Mixes that I give to my cake decorating if you want to get the best bang out of your cake mixes always 1-sift the mix, 2-Add a package of pudding mix, 3-Use milk or flavored coffee creamer instead of water. 4-NEVER beat your cake batter with egg beaters!
Always mix all dry ingredients then make a well and put in all your liquid ingredients in that well and beat liquid ingredients with a fork while slowly incorporating all the dry mix. *Don't over beat your cake batter, you will over develop the gluten which will give you a tougher crumb.
5-Glass pans bake at 350*, Aluminum pans up to 8in bake at 350 anything 9in and over bake at 325. Note this will increase baking time.)

2-Cut your cones to the right size for the cake balls.

3-Melt the chocolate/almond bark/candy melt or whatever you plan to use. I like candy melts because they come colored. Then dip your frozen balls (sorry, I just can't stop) in the melted chocolate. Then place the ball on the cone and sprinkle, sprinkles on the top.

*I like to pre-fill the cone with a prize or candy before the ball goes on top.

4-Chill the cones in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens. (takes less then 2 min)

5-Pipe melted brown chocolate on top the place a red jelly bean as the cherry on top.

6- Watch em' disappear before you're eyes!



Lisa, your pepper steak inspired me to make pepper chicken...I used chicken sausage, red and yellow bell peppers, sweet and sour sauce and left over couscous.


  1. WOW! You need to hire yourself out for parties! Such talent! And I just want to hug those boys!

  2. You have just totally blown me away with these AMAZING ice cream cake pops!!! I can't stop looking at them, and I really need to stop because I have to go make Grammy's version of ice cream cone cakes and clean my house and finish my fairies and put my stupid Christmas decorations in the basement. I would like to hire you. Is it too late to get you a plane ticket for tonight??? Seriously, mom is right, people will pay big money for your talent.

  3. I love you guys!!! And hey I have hired my self out for parties. :)
    Lisa-you buy, I fly... :) Good luck getting ready for your party!

  4. Oh my goodness, You are amazing! Those are the cutest cupcake, icecream things ever, ever!!!!! You ARe so talented, Don't let it get to your head :) Honestly, really awesome and I bet they taste awesome too!

  5. Just let me say each one of you has amazing talent! All of you are quite gifted in your sphere of the art world! These dishes look so good! Betty