Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have in my memory Heidi going in the fridge as a little 5 year old and getting a cold cooked potato left over from dinner the night before and taking a huge bite into it. She would eat them like apples. She was so cute! and curious. :) I never found a liking for cold baked potatoes, but I sure enjoy them in many other ways. It's a favorite dinner for my children. So, if they are sweet, red, russet. . . fried, mashed, pureed, boiled, or baked. It's a Potato Bar this week!


  1. Oh, good! I can't wait to see everybody's posts!

  2. I remember that too! And when she got older she would sometimes make mashed potatoes for an after school snack too! That totally brings back cute memories of Heidi!

    I'm excited about the topic, sorry I missed last week.

  3. Oh yes! I remember the mashed potatoes! She made the most flavorful, delicious, mashed potatoes.

  4. Yes I was little miss potato head. :)