Sunday, April 22, 2012

All Natural Essental Oil Bug Spray and All Natural Mold Killer/Prevention

We have so many bugs in Kansas that I needed something to keep the bugs away from my kids that was not packed full of chemicals. Essential oils were the key for me. This may initially cost a bit but over time this makes a ton of bug spray. If you are concerned about cost you can always start with just Witch Hazel and Citronella just keep the ratios about 10-25 drops essential oil to 2 tablespoons of witch hazel. Be creative with this its your own bug spray so you want to enjoy the smell. Other oils that deter bugs are: Lavender, Eucalyptus (can be hard on the skin though), Lemon, Thyme, Pennyroyal, Geranium, and Catnip (great for mosquitoes).

1 brown glass sprayer-essential oils keep better in a brown glass. $1.50

1/2 cup Witch Hazel-is soothing to the skin especially insect bites. $1.44

35 drops Citronella-is know for keeping bugs away. $4.00
15 drops Lemon Grass- deters mosquitoes. $11.55
15 drops Cinnamon Leaf- deters mosquitoes. $7.55
15 drops Cedarwood-deters most bugs. $9.00
15 drops Rose- deters ticks. $15.00

Mold Killer/Prevention
Before you use this mix make sure to clean all mold, personally I use bleach (make sure to wait 24 hours to spray after bleaching). The thing about bleach is after a day or so it will not do anything to keep away mold that's where the essential oils come in they will actually continue to work over time. My experience with this mix is about 1 year of prevention. This is a base recipe you can adjust the amounts to smell good to you. Just keep in mind the 2 important oils are Cinnamon and Cloves be sure to keep these in fairly high amounts.

1 brown glass sprayer
1/2 cup white vinegar or witch hazel
35 drops Cinnamon Leaf-Stops mold in its tracks.
30 drops Clove oil-Highly anti fungal.
20 drops Rosemary
10 drops Lemon
10 drops Eucalyptus


  1. Thank you Heidi, this was soooo helpful for me. I will definetly use these recipes. Great for camping!! and the mold for in my bathrooms! I love using essential oils. thanks to you I have really gotten a true interest in them and seen their effectiveness. I especially loved the sage and the women's blend oils we used during your delivery of Clover. It was so relaxing to me and I wasn't the one giving birth! :)

  2. Where do you use your mold treatment? Do you spray, then wipe it down, or spray and leave it?

  3. Let's make a bunch of this stuff this summer when we're all together--We could make it in bulk and all benefit! We ought to make a big batch of the garlic immune formula, too. Can't wait to see everybody!

  4. Going to have a go at some of these, especially the mold one. Australia seems to be a very moldy country.