Monday, April 23, 2012

Castor Oil Cures with a little Lavender

Castor Oil
Castor oil comes from a castor bean plant that is grown mostly in the Mediterranean, Africa, and India. The oil comes from the seed of the plant, which is called the bean, but is actually the seed. If the seed is eaten it is very poisonous. However, if the seed is cold pressed, it is not toxic to the body. It is very versatile in its uses. You may see it in the ingredients in your soaps, shampoos, mechanical products, foods. It has been used for a variety of ailments as well. I first heard about it when I was pregnant with my first child. Someone told me if I wanted to go into labor, to drink castor oil. Ok, well, I tried. But, it was so thick I had a hard time swallowing. When taken internally, it stimulates the bowels to contract and thus irritates the uterus as well. It gets things movin'.  A few years ago,  I thought I had breast cancer. I had a lump and I went to a doctor to have an exam. They didn't help me much. They didn't even feel it to see what I was talking about. They said unless it is oozing, I am probably ok. Well, that didn't help me feel at peace. Especially for a $70 bill to hear that counsel! So, I called David Christopher, a Master Herbalist in my area and overseer of the School of Natural Healing where I attend. He said to put castor oil on the affected area with a damp cloth over that, and then a piece of plastic over that. Then he said to get a hot pack and a cold pack. Put the hot pack on for 12 min. and then the cold for 4 min. Back and forth I did that for 2 hours while I watched a movie to entertain myself. I did that for only 2 nights and I could tell that the lump was going away. It did completely. I do not believe I had cancer. I believe I had some congestion built up there that needed help moving along. Castor oil does just that. It goes into the blood stream and helps to remove mucous and toxins from the inner body. I have used castor oil with gall stones and stomach cramps as well. I had gall stones that felt horrible. It's like getting speared in the back to the front. Terrible. When I realized why I felt so bad, I took a drink of watered down apple cider vinegar and did another application of castor oil as I mentioned earlier. I did that for a while. I put it in the tub water while I bathed also. It helped to move things greatly, along with the vinegar and apple juice I drank. After 2 days, I was noticeably better. I have also used castor oil while I was doing a cleanse. I applied the oil externally over my liver and placed the damp cloth and plastic over the area and then did the hot and cold packs. I did that for 30 minutes and it helped. The liver is your detoxifier and when you are cleansing it gets over worked. So, this helps it along greatly.  I have heard of using castor oil as a  face cleanser to clogged pores. Rub the oil on the face and then follow with a hot, wet cloth. Hold it on for as long as you can, then re wet and repeat for 10 min.  Wash off the oil with soap when finished. I also found this on the internet about helping to prevent hair loss. I really believe in the ability castor oil has to create movement and cleansing to areas.

How Do You Use Castor Oil to Prevent Hair Loss?

Here are the common step-by-step techniques for using castor oil in hair loss:
  1. Using your fingertips, apply high quality castor oil to your roots and scalp.
  2. Make sure that you distribute the oil evenly on the scalp.
  3. Do your best to avoid the oil fro getting into your hair as its thick consistency may be hard to wash out.
  4. After applying it to your scalp, cover your hair with a plastic cap and wrap it in a towel.
  5. Let the oil stay in your hair for at least 15 to 20 minutes or allow it to set overnight.
  6. Wash it out with shampoo after to remove the castor oil.
  7. Do this once a week for 6-8 weeks to see the results.
Depending on your preference, you can also mix the oil with other oils (i.e. grape seed) to eliminate the super-thick consistency and unpleasant scent of castor oil.
Lavender Oil
Last I wanted to share my new favorite! Lavender oil! I got this bottle from a race I ran last year for Lavender Days in Nephi, Utah. Young Living has a lavender farm just 10 minutes from my house and I finally remembered to sign up for their run! As a gift to the runners, we received oil and a shirt, etc. It was awesome! Now I use it everyday as my perfume and mood enhancer. I place it on my shoulders and wrists. I have received so many compliments for how soothing and lovely it smells. It has really been a good switch for me and my mood. Lavender oil is also a great healer. It is great put topically on bruises! I also put it in my bath water or in my oils to  moisturize my body. I looooove my lavender! In fact, you could add lavender to all the uses I just explained with the castor oil. A few drops with your castor oil and you have a lovely smelling medicine! I use fresh lavender as a tea as well. With a little lemon and honey, now that is really lovely! Mmmmmm!


  1. I believe in castor oil--and I believe in you! Thank you for all your insight and knowledge.

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