Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vegan Portobello Mushroom Burger

 Well, this dinner cost me 9 cents--I had everything but that shriveled up mushroom--but oh, what a meal!
 I cookie cut two pieces of homemade bread and broiled them in the oven. (I dehydrated the rest for bread crumbs because it's really hard for me to go through two loves of bread--but I do love it!) I spread a generous layer of humus for starters.
 Next, I wasn't stingy with the romaine lettuce.
 A couple of slices of tomatoes, topped with a no-salt seasoning.
 And since I can see that this is going to get tall rather quickly, I spread the other cookie cut bread with still more hummus.
 I sauteed my onion till it was barely caramelized--I added a little rosemary, too.
 Then I topped it with my grilled portobello mushroom.
 A few bread and butter pickles,
 A dob of homemade ketchup,
 A little mustard,
And wallah, this was the tastiest burger I've eaten in a long time. What a great topic!


  1. Your "vurger" looks great! Do you like my new word? It was an accident when I was typing but it kind of made sense - vegan or vegetarian burger.

  2. That looks so tasty! I love it when you make food for me. I'll let you any time! Can't wait to eat your food at your house this summer!