Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Water, With or Without You

Dehydration has been a great topic for me. All sorts of things have popped into my head. Random things, but, all very relevant.

What do all of these pictures have in common? There is a major component to each  of these pictures' success. . . . . . .. . . . .
So, I will explain. The picture top left is of part of my garden. I have been frustrated at the weeds that grow and the watering needs of the plants. I just don't feel I have been as successful in gardening as I had hoped. Well, I have found a really good gardening book I like. It's called Successful Home Gardening, by E. Gordon Wells, Jr. He has given some seminars out here as well that were excellent. In it I learned that you can mulch your garden around the plants with your grass clippings and that will retain more moisture and block the sun from letting the weeds proliferate! Hooray! You want to make sure the grass clippings you use don't have weed or pest chemicals on them from your lawn care. I don't use any fertilizers or weed killers, so I have found a way to save money and have a healthier garden.
My next picture on the bottom left is of my hand holding my water bottle. If you look close you will see next to my nails, cuts that run along side the tips of my fingernails right off to the sides of each nail. I have had struggled with these cuts for forever. I have put every kind of cream on them. Some kind of help, some not so much. I have taken more probiotics which helped a little. But, I think the biggest change I have found has had to do with . . .  WATER! The more humid the condition, the better my nails and skin are. The more water I drink, my cuts begin to heal and go away!!! Hooray because these are the most uncomfortable cuts ever. It's like a deep paper cut that feels infected.  But, it's my body saying, Water please!! In this article linked below it says it has been estimated that about 73 % of people are dehydrated. And about 37 % mistaken dehydration for hunger.  Are 8 glasses of water enough to drink each day? Click Here This is a great website link that I hope you find useful. Something you can do to to help you measure how much you are really getting is to fill 2 quart mason jars with water in the morning and then make sure you drink them all gone by the end of the day. That would be 8 c. of water by the end of the day, a suitable amount for our bodies. However, if you are exercising or sweating a lot, you will need to drink more. Put back in what you take out! On June 9th I will be running a 1/2 marathon, so I have learned the value of enough water in the body. I have found that if I drink plenty of water hours before I run, I feel much better and not as desperate for water during my runs. I always run with water. My friend likes to drive her route and stash water in spots before she runs.
M next picture on the right is of a momma duck by the pond near my home. She has 12 chicks under her wings! I was out on a drive with some of my kids and it started to pour down rain.  I watched this momma guide her chicks under a tree near the water's edge and then get out of the water and all flock under her wings. It was so sweet! I loved watching them.
Last is a picture of some almonds that I soaked in water and seasonings, drained, and rinsed and reapplied the seasonings, and then dehydrated them. You may wonder why to soak them and dehydrate versus roast them. Click here to learn about why and how to soak nuts and seeds. They are spicy, sweet, and crunchy! Yum!
I took about 2 c. of almonds and covered them with water. I added
1/2 t. Salt
1 T. agave
1/2 t. cayenne
1/4 t. onion powder
1/4 t. garlic powder
1/4 t. smoked paprika
Next I let them sit overnight. In the morning I rinsed them off and reapplied the seasonings. I just stirred them in a pot, but, putting them in a bag with the seasonings and then shake it up would help it spread evenly. Then I dried them at 115 degrees for 24 hours or until they were all nice and crunchy. They are so yummy!

Now, just for fun, something to hydrate our memories, this one is for Val. One of your favorites as a child I seem to remember. It's been in my head a long with Angel of the Morning. :) Click Here for the Queen of Hearts


  1. What a delightful post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I get those cuts in my fingers all the time. They are surprisingly painful! I found a miracle cure for those awful little cuts. SUPER GLUE! Just glue the slit closed and the pain is GONE. Yes, i said gone! The cut heals up more quickly because it's not constantly being opened up. Doctors use superglue to close up surgical sites with great success. I know that you like to go all-natural, but there is no reason to have to suffer through those things. Water might help them not happen in the first place, and glue makes them go away fast. Get some glue.

  3. love your post, lots of fun stuff. I've tried the grass clippings, it works really well. I don't get those cuts, my problem is when I pull a hang nail out with my teeth and it goes too far. Ouch! Then it's sore for a week. Thanks for the song, you're right that was a favorite, it was fun to hear it again.

  4. Thanks Mom! I would try super glue Lisa, except I totally dislike the feeling of superglue on my skin. It's like having an itch you can not itch. It drives me crazy! If I get desperate, I will though. Good to know. Val, did you like the grass clippings? Do you have any advice or tips with it? That was a great song, huh! I like the silly old music video. I think she she looks so cute and playful.