Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hey Sistas! and Mom

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking off a week and play ketchup with the hamburgers and lemon theme. I'm sure everyone has things going on and another week would help. I am anxious to see what you all come up with! Even if it's a picture of you and your family eating a Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheese Burger and a drink of Lemonade! It's just nice to connect with everyone. 
Now Mom, I just threw out some beans I was soaking because they looked "dangerous". I could reallllly use a tutorial in making beans. I just can't seem to do a good job. They are either crunchy or just not near as good as yours!!!! So, for your job this week, what if you taught us all how to make beans? My kids love pork and beans minus the pork and I don't like paying $2 per can.
Would you all be ok if we did that this week? Val, I hope this doesn't screw up any plans you had. Let me know and we can put this off until it's my turn again if you'd rather. Thanks!   Kelly


  1. A week off always sounds good to me. Two people at church today said I looked tired :)

  2. Perfect. I'll never forget the time we shared a computer class together and you'd look over at me and say, "Kel, do I look tired?". You'd give me this look that if I wasn't so tired myself, I would have busted up laughing. :) Good times!

  3. LOL!!! I totally remember that!