Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vegan Lemon Ice Cream with Coconut Milk

Before I get to the food, 
Isaac's birthday was Saturday. He's a big 7 year old now!!!! Friday was his party for him and his friends. He chose an Indiana Jones theme. I made a dozen cotton brown shoulder bags for them to wear and then we found a dozen straw cowboy hats at the dollar store along with a bunch of treasures for them to search for and keep.  I think the kids had a great time! The party ended in a huge water fight that they all started. Lots of fun! 

I made a chocolate, raspberry filled cake and made Vegan Lemon Ice Cream. I forgot to take a picture of it though. I will post one when I can and add it to this. It turned out deliiiiiish! I have linked the ice cream recipe for you to use. This woman's recipe is marvelous! The only difference is that I made my own coconut milk from shredded coconut and she used a can. All you do to make your own is to soak about 1 c.  shredded coconut in 3 c. water for 30 minutes or more, blend it, and strain in a cheese cloth. Walla! There's your own coconut milk! Keep the extra coconut and freeze it. Then when you are making cookies, add it in. It will give a little flare to an old standby cookie recipe. I like it in oatmeal cookies.  Hope you can try out and enjoy the ice cream recipe!  Hooray, it's SUMMER! 


  1. What a fun party! Happy Birthday, Isaac! And I can't wait to try that lemon ice cream--I think I'm going to make some next week! What a delightful post!

  2. What a cute birthday idea!!!

  3. Thanks! He and Emma had fun brainstorming the ideas. We had fun working on it.