Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Lemonade Cleanse

This cleanse is also called The Master Cleanse, attributed to Stanley Boroughs. The purpose is not weight loss, but to cleanse the body of toxins for better health and so that weight loss becomes possible.

60 ounces distilled water
6 ounces pure maple syrup
6 ounces lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon cayenne

I have found that shaking up the citrus adds variety and flavor--not necessary, but nice.

Always use fresh citrus, never bottled or canned.
This recipe makes a little over 60 ounces, enough for a day or so. I alternate drinking a glass of the lemonade with a glass of distilled water. In actuality, you get about 750 calories a day--enough to make regular activity no problem. I am on day 8 right now--I've swum 16 laps every day, and I feel so much better than when I started.
I was going to stay on this cleanse until I lost 20 pounds, but I'm realizing that is the wrong motivation. The motivation must be for better health, and I feel that I am achieving that. I am going for the full 10 days as is recommended, and then slowly go off the cleanse with fresh squeezed orange juice for a couple of days, then, gradually add vegetables and fruits and resume a regular diet.


  1. Mom, Your endurance on a cleanse is inspiring! I am truly impressed. All your efforts will prove to be a great benefit eventually. The results will come! Youre doing amazing!!! Thanks for the instructions!

  2. It's nice to finally have the recipe for that lemonade. I always loved the taste of it, I could just never get it quite right. I love the cayenne. I'm really happy about the change of motivation. I think when the motivation of loosing weight is changed to just getting healthy, it's less stressful! I just did a make up class for the Young Women and I told them "even with the best skin and the best make up, you'll never look at pretty as when you have the wind in your hair and a smile on your face!" - Not that it relates to the lemonade cleanse, but you look good when you feel good!

  3. It's good to know when your heart's in it and when it's not...a lot of people do the lemonade diet for the wrong reasons. Going for the full 10 days and achieving it was a great accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your cleanse journey.