Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Croc Make-Over

Crocs are one of the best-ever shoe designs for kids.  They are easy to put on and easy to clean.  If you're feeling indulgent you can buy those little button do-hickeys to pop into the holes.  But those are remarkably expensive for what you get, a little hunk of plastic.

M & S wanted a little bling on their shoes and when they saw these big packs of flower buttons and sparkles on our latest venture to retail-land they knew that they had found what they were looking for.

I armed myself with a hot glue gun and put glue spots onto the shoes as directed by M & S.  They dropped the buttons and sparkles onto the glue and I pressed them down.  Remarkably, the hot glue does not melt the croc foam and the glue stays stuck.  I tested both sets of crocs before we got started.  One set of shoes are faux-crocs, the other are the real deal, neither melted.  

It was a fun, inexpensive project and now my girls have one-of-a-kind crocs that they are going to proudly wear to school tomorrow.  


  1. Oh, how darling--and the crocs are cute, too!

  2. Very cute Lisa! We are big Croc (and faux croc) fans!! I know Sarah will love the idea.