Sunday, November 11, 2012


Happiness is . . . . .

a bowl a warm soup in one of your favorite bowls on a cold winter day. (By the way, I got the bowl for .75  at a second hand store and the table runner for .50 at a second hand store. :) Pretty huh!)

Happiness are family outings, children laughing, a new haircut, and a beautiful bedroom!
Happiness are friends who give you selfless love and encouragement, happiness is calling mom and having a good laugh or a good cry, happiness is being with your children laughing and being silly, happiness is a handful of chocolate chips, happiness is finding a good deal at the store, happiness is receiving an unexpected package or letter in the mail from someone you love, happiness is talking to your brother or sisters, happiness is being able to be where the Lord wants you and watching His hand touch others lives. Happiness is knowing that God is our caring and loving Father who watches over us with tenderness. Happiness is being good, honest, and true.

I have had some really amazing experiences in my life recently that have led me to feel so grateful for God's hand in my life and to realize how much He loves us and all the "little things" we care about. There are so many things that have happened recently, I don't think I could write them all. Suffice it to say, I love Heavenly Father and I know He loves us.

I received a book in the mail as a gift from a really wonderful man. He is always so thoughtful and loving to me. The book is called The Boy Who Changed The World. It's about how our lives influence other lives and make all the difference. There is a scripture that says "Through small and simple things, great things come to pass". All the little things we do count. Just as if we saved a penny every day, we would have $3.65 at the end of the year. Our actions and choices have that same effect.  Here is a page from the book I want to share with you.

Thank you to all my family and friends for all the sometimes seemingly small and simple things you do, for they have left a great imprint on my heart. I am grateful for wonderful memories we have of times shared together and of your caring influence now. I love you guys! If you have time this week, post something that makes you feel happy or grateful. It feels good!


  1. What a lovely post--I want some of your soup, and I want to hug those grandkids! "The butterfly effect"--that's the second time this week I've heard that phrase--I love it. Maybe this will "butterfly" us all into action again!--I miss our weekly sharing time. You and Lisa are showing the way!