Friday, January 6, 2012

Now the Rocks & Apples!

Hand Warmer, Foot Warmer, Lap Warmer--or Tush Warmer!

Notice the Levi pant-leg? Why not! I just cut off about 10-inches below the hole in the knee, cut out  some old corduroy scraps for the apple and leaf, and used a blanket stitch with black crochet thread as a boarder. The stem is a rogue piece of wool yarn embroidered on top. Then I sewed up the cut end, added   $2.00 of rocks from the dollar store and stitched it up.

Ten minutes in the oven, on a cookie sheet, under 300 degrees and life is warm and toasty! Try putting it at the foot of the bed to warm those icy toes at night.  Here comes my Danish mom again--they would put bricks in the fireplace and wrap them in a towel or blanket to be placed at the foot of the bed. Imagine going to bed and it being so cold could see your breath!

Too Many Apples?

I was going to call this next one, "Knitted Apple," but on second consideration, I thought "Leaf with Knitted Apple," might be more accurate. It's 100% wool, so I may just throw the whole darn apple in a hot water wash and see what happens--Maybe then I could simply call it "Crab Apple." At any rate, I've replaced a smaller leaf pattern in the instructions.

Apple Pattern:
Using red worsted wool & 4, #6 Double pointed needles, cast on 10 sts, distribute evenly on 3 needles, join for knitting in the round.
1st Round: Knit
2nd Round: Kfb of each st. (20 sts)
3rd Round: K.
4th Round: Kfb of each st. (40 sts)
5-15 Rounds: K.
16th Round:[K 10, inc] 4 times (44 sts)
17-19 Rounds: K.
20th Round: [K1, K2tog] 14 times, K2 (30 sts)
21st Round:[K1, K2tog] to end (20sts)
22nd Round: K2tog to end (10sts)
23rd Round: K around, cut yarn leaving 12 inch tail

Stuff apple with fiberfill. Use large darning needle to sew up the bottom of the apple, then thread darning needle with the 12-inch tail at the end of the piece, pick up the stitches remaining on your knitting needles and, after adding a bit more fiberfill to top things off, pull yarn tight. Secure yarn and then stick needle down through center of apple to the bottom and back up through the top to make that cute dimple on both ends. Secure yarn & snip.

Stem Pattern:
Using brown worsted wool, just make a 3 stitch I-cord (Google this-it's so easy) about 2 inches or so and attach it to the top with a darning needle.

Leaf Pattern:
Using 2 double-pointed needles, cast on 3sts and make an I-cord about 1/2 inch long.
1st row: (RS) K1, yo, k1, yo, k1. (5sts)
2nd & WS rows: K
3rd row: K2, yo, k1, yo, k2. (7 sts)
5th row: K3, yo, k1, yo, k3. (9 sts)
7th row: K4, yo, k1, yo, k4. (11 sts)
9th row: K5, yo, k1, yo, k5. (13 sts)
11th row: Ssk, k9, k2tog. (11sts)
13th row: Ssk, k7, k2tog. (9sts)
15th row: Ssk, k5, k2tog. (7sts)
17th row: Ssk, k3, k2tog. (5sts)
19th row: Ssk, k1, k2tog. (3sts)
21st row: Sk2po. Fasten off.

Attach by the stem.

Whew! Done with apples--what's next?


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