Saturday, March 24, 2012

Little Lost Puppy in a Flower Garden

I tried for simplicity, but have too much stuff to do.  So I went the opposite direction.  My thought process is really backwards.  The girls have a birthday party to go to tomorrow.  My opposite version of simplicity here is not quickly buying a gift but using stuff I already have to make something by hand.  Of course, it takes a whole lot longer, but I just love making stuff.  So here is project one for the week:

Polka Dot Puppy

I fell in love with this fabulous book by Jennifer Paganelli called Girl's World.  I just love it.  The fabrics are so great and the dresses are adorable.  And then there is this sweet little puppy toward the end of the book.  It was love at first sight and it was the first pattern that I traced.

 I rummaged through my fabric bins and found this great fabric with shimmery pink polka dots on a bright pink background.  I also found a coordinating shimmery stripe and a pretty little floral print.
 Here he is, unstuffed.  He's cute in a homely sort of way.  At this point I still had not discovered the horrible deformity that I had created in his legs.  I altered the original pattern a bit so instead of a two-dimensional flat puppy with only two legs, he could have all four legs and might possibly stand on his own.  Unfortunately, my alteration gave him a horribly saggy bum.  The party is only 12 hours away.  I have work to do tonight.

I've started sewing tags into my creations.  I think it gives a nice professional touch.  Do you like the name?

I made these tags with a sheet of ink-jet-printable fabric.  It's so easy and looks so great!

I'll show you the final version when I get him done.  Maybe I'll include a tutorial if I can figure out how to fix his bum.

We are going to a baby shower in two weeks.  It's really not like me to start a project so far in advance. But I was really excited about doing it.  So instead of finishing the puppy today, I made a quilt.  I have problems with prioritizing.

Baby's Flower Garden Quilt
I was inspired by the quilt that mom made for little Clover.  That quilt is amazing.   I went for a simpler version that I could hopefully complete in time.  Here's a photo I have of Clover's quilt-in-progress:

Mine will also have a white border around the flower squares and then I will further plagiarize mom's quilt by binding it in strips of floral fabric.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I love you, Mom!


  1. Thank you, Lisa, I agree. I'm always using your ideas! In fact, it was you that sent me that wonderful quilt book and the lovely fabric I used for Clover's quilt! I love you, too!

  2. Your tags are so cute, I just love that idea!