Saturday, March 24, 2012

Super Simple Glass Magnets

Ok so I really went for simple! These magnets are really easy! All you need is:

Jumbo Melted Glass Marbles-You can find them at any craft store, dollar store or moms garage!
Stickers- (mom's garage)
Glue Gun-loaded with glue (under moms sink)
magnets- (magically in moms hand right when I needed them)

All ya do is put some stickers on the marbles, then glue on the magnets. 10 minutes then you're done!

Lisa- Since you put up a picture of moms unfinished quilt I felt I just had to put up one of it completed...with a sweet little Clover fairy of course!


  1. Oh, Clover! You adorable little flower fairy! I really really like those magnets. I have ALL that stuff in my kitchen! And I have UGLY magnets on my fridge. Great project!

  2. That is the best idea for magnets!! I love the simplicity and the words put on the front. Awesome!

  3. I'm so glad you were at my house when you posted--I love my new fridge magnets!

  4. Thanks ladies, they were fun to make!

  5. I really love your magnets. We use these in primary all the time on the chalkboard. I was at a craft fair and saw this same type of thing with a more earthy look, they used really cool looking rocks and had a metal board with some kind of varnished looking coating and used it for family pictures it was really cute. Hmmm, maybe I'll make one and show you.