Friday, April 6, 2012

Circles, Ruffles & Satin

You guessed it--Regional Dance Festival!

I think Lisa and I are working on similar circles and deadlines this week--lots of circles, yards of hemming and more satin than a wedding dress!

Lots of surging...

A few alterations..

A few midnight hours..
But finally, the last fitting, the last hem and ruffle--delivered this afternoon. I am actually sitting at my kitchen table and there's not three sewing machines and stacks of satin on it. How sweet it is!


  1. WOW! Cinco de Mayo comes to mind. Can't say I want one, but they are certainly vibrant!

  2. Holy cow Mom, that's a lot of ruffles!!!! No wonder you haven't slept. You are amazing! Is this like the dance festival Jim, Lisa, and Val were in?

  3. Just like it. Only when I was making Jim's and Lisa's and Val's costumes, I was in the middle of JCPenney's design order for 17 new fashions for the 1987 catalog--talk about sleepless. First I completed the dance festival costumes, those were priority, and then I worked five days and nights straight, watching the sun come up and go down as I worked on JCPenney's final design proofs. And then the model shoot I did just before I packed everything up and put it on an overnight plane to arrive in New York the following morning--Whew, makes me tired all over again. These circles were pretty mild in comparison.

    1. Mom, you really are an amazing woman!