Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tea Cup "Muffin Tins"

In a moment of necessity I found a good way to make cupcakes without a muffin tin.  When I make cupcakes I rarely need to make more than 18, which is the number of spaces in my muffin tins.  The other night I had to quickly figure out a way to make 27 cupcakes in one go.

Bill had promised a treat to the 27 boys in the dorm if everyone was on time for check-in at 10 pm.  We have one kid who just can't seem to get here on time and so I was probably off the hook for making up a snack for them.  But, surprise!  The less-than-punctual one made it on time.  Since it was 10:00 at night there was not enough time to bake two batches of cupcakes.  So I raided my cupboard for teacups.

I dropped the cupcake papers into the tea cups then filled and baked them with the cups on a cookie sheet.  The only difference is that the bottoms of the cupcakes were a little rounded because of the shape of my cups.  They also took a few minutes longer to bake than the ones in the muffin tins.  They popped out of the tea cups with no problems.  And I think they might have tasted good, because the boys in the dorm wasted no time in devouring them.


  1. You are so inventive, Lisa! I love it!

  2. That is a GREAT idea! I only have 12 spaces in my cupcake tin and I despise leaving 1/2 the batter in the mixing bowl waiting for the 1st batch to be finished, AND THEN....waiting for the 2nd batch to be finished. And by the way, what's the matter with a rounded bottom? ;)

  3. This would be soo cute and space efficient to take to camping just pull out the muffin and make hot chocolate in the cup.