Saturday, April 7, 2012

Headbands are Circles!!!

These are one of the most important parts of my workout attire.  I must have a headband to keep the hair out of my face and off my neck and sweat out of my eyes!
Here's how you do it: Cut swimsuit fabric (must be very stretchy poly) about 5'' x 20'' and then sew the two short ends together.
Then fold the two edges in to the center.
And then fold together so it looks like this.
And then sew it together with a couple of straight lines. Keep the edges raw - poly doesn't fray!
Be careful, it may become an addiction! (This is not all of my headbands)


  1. I love your circles! You and Sarah look adorable!

  2. Those are so cute! I like all the different fabric patterns. How fun! You and Sarah do look really cute!

  3. And I just wanted to say, your nails always are so nice. I feel like I have man hands half the time. I could see your thumb in the picture and that thought went through my head. You always have had nice nails on your hands and feet.

  4. Love those!!! I want to look super cute when working out too, I'm going to have to make some. To think all this time I've been using a bandana I could have been super hip instead of lumber jackieish.

  5. See, there you go again Heidi, you make me laugh!