Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dollar store bracelet embellishment

I like these little glass-bead bracelets that can be found at dollar stores.  Mabel and Stella wanted to give one to their friend for her four year old birthday.  We had to take off a few beads to make it small enough t stay on her tiny little wrist.  While we were at it,  we added in a pretty little heart bead and it made it so much prettier.  The white bracelet has had no alterations made to it.  The pink one is what we fixed up and gave away.

The hardest part was trying to feed the elastic band back through the larger bead next to the cone shaped bead.  It has three holes in it, one on each side for the ends of the elastic to go into and one on top for the elastic to come out of.  Each end of the elastic has to make a 90 degree turn at the center of the bead.  I snaked a little piece of wire through there to fish out the end of the elastic.  


  1. It's the little things in life that are precious! I love the little silver heart! When I was a little girl the cool thing was the plastic pop beads--I think I even found them when you and your sisters were little. Oh, to be a little girl.......