Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Making Toys and Fun with Things Around the House

Noah is my 3 1/2 year old son, the youngest of the bunch. When all the kids go to school, he says, "What should we do together mom?.... I know!  Let's make Frosty the Snowman! ... Let's build a tractor!..... Let's make a kitchen!... Let's make an airplane!.." He is an engineer in the making. The last couple weeks, that is just what we have done. Here are some fun photos to see. 
 Their names are Frosty and Freeze. Noah's new friends. Note that they are dressed for church. Frosty is on the right. He has a bow tie and belt. Freeze has a button up shirt with a hanky in the pocket. This is all per his instructions. 
 This tractor is fully functional. It moves up and down and is a great scoop for sweeping up the kitchen floor. The criteria were, there had to be a usable scoop and a bucket to load things. Noah loves tractors, especially with scoops and buckets! He help me sweep when we finished with the tractor.
 A full kitchen with a stove, oven, sink and fridge. He asked I make a window with two imaginary boys, Jeffrey and Jack, playing ball outside. Later they came inside and ate with us. Noah set the table for these imaginary friends and we all had a great time! I was astounded at his abilities and imagination. He did most of the designing and organizing. Wow! What a great boy!

I love this! Later that day, he made another meal for me AND for our baby. He was the dad, I was the mom, and this is our baby. :) He set a table especially for her. That impressed me so much. My thoughtful and sweet Noah "bear". 

Now for fun, I just had to show you this. At Christmas time I was at my sister Heidi's house. She had her pumpkin from Halloween and I asked her if she still wanted it. She said to throw it out. Well, the frugal and resourceful woman I try to be said in my head "You could make pie or cookies with it! Don't throw it away! It's food!!!" So when I brought it home and cut it open, I was surprised to see these little green darlings  inside!!! I carefully took them out and put them in some dixie cups with soil and water, and set them in my window sill. Look how they have grown!!! Aren't they lovely!

I love that we were able to have so much fun together, 
creating and learning, all for free!


  1. What a fun post! Such a busy mama--such a busy boy! Those pumpkin seedlings are so sweet--just like little Noah!

  2. Kelly, that tractor is brilliant! I love it! And clearly, Noah does too. Clever girl. ;)

  3. thanks Lisa! It was fun creating with him. :)