Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chlorophyll Cocktail

Yes, even the banana is a little green, so let it ripen and use a frozen one!

My favorite ingredient for this drink is alfalfa, but spinach works just as well. (Oh, but I do miss my alfalfa patch!)


A big handful of alfalfa or spinach....

A smaller bunch of parsley...

Pineapple juice to cover the spinach and parsley...

Juice of one lime...

One banana....

And plenty of ice--blend until smooth.

Taste it. If it's not sweet enough, add some agave...

Or a little more pineapple juice. Even though this is a healthy drink, nothing's healthy if it doesn't get consumed!
Healthy food is allowed to taste good!

Enjoy this wonderful drink. If you have left-overs, it keeps just fine in the refrigerator for a couple of days in a covered jar--just shake it up and drink it down!


  1. That really looks delicious, I think the pineapple juice sold me. I wish I had a vita-mix.

  2. Seriously, I keep looking at that cocktail, it just looks so good.