Saturday, March 3, 2012

Etched Glasses and a Stow and Go Raceway

I made a couple of things for birthday gifts this week.  They both, in some way, have green elements to them, but not really.  It's probably a bit of a stretch.

Personalized etched pint glasses

Just about anything in your kitchen that's made of glass can be etched.  

Ashley from Make it and Love it made a great tutorial for the process.   

Stow and Go Raceway
The raceway is open and ready for hot-wheels action

rolled up with cars safely tucked inside


  1. Nice job, Lisa! You do so well under stress!

  2. I really like those glasses, I'm anxious to see the instructions. I think my kids, and John too, would like to have their own custom glass. I can imagine the stow and go with Barbies for Sarah. Really cute.